Trekking in Morocco

Trekking in Morocco is a delight with challenges of Mount Toubkal and the High atlas. There are a few safety tips to follow as the mountains and desserts of Morocco are harsh terrier so it is recommended that you don’t go alone and that you take a local guide who knows the land. So where are the best places for trekking in Morocco?

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are truly a sight to behold and it is a must-see when you are visiting Morocco. A trip to Morocco will be incomplete without visiting these beautiful mountains.

The High Atlas Mountains are not only popular with mountaineers but they are also a popular destination for trekkers as well. There are many peaks that stand at over 6000 meters high and there are many trekking routes available in this area as well. You can choose from easy to difficult and enjoy the spectacular scenery in the mountains.

Trekking in the High Atlas

The Western High Atlas is the first place to consider for trekking in Morocco. It is a mountainous area with higher elevations than the rest of Morocco. The mountains are covered with forests and there are many peaks that are more than 6000 meters high. The highest peak in Morocco is Mount Toubkal which stands at 4,167 meters high and it is located in the Western High Atlas.

Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is one of the highlights of Morocco It is a popular trekking destination in Morocco and it has been on the bucket list of many trekkers who have visited Morocco. It is considered one of the most challenging treks around the world as it has steep trails and long distances to cover. It takes about three days to complete this trek as you will be walking from the village of Imlil to the peak of Mount Toubkal. The first day is about 5 hours of a walking and then you can get your camp ready for the night. On the second day, you will be walking for about 3 hours and then you need to set up camp again. The third day is when you get to enjoy the view at the top and then walk back down to Imlil where you can rest.

The temperatures are very low when you reach the top and there is a lot of snow. Make sure to get warm clothing and good trekking shoes. The food available at the camp is limited but it is still great fun to hike this mountain in Morocco.

The mountains are covered with snow most of the year and you will be able to see snow-capped peaks all around you. The mountain range stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Algeria in the east. There is a lot of wildlife in these mountains as well, including ibexes, Barbary sheep, boars, gazelles and birds. If you are lucky enough, you might even catch a glimpse of an Atlas Mountain sheep or eagle!

The trekking routes follow different paths through these mountains but they all have one thing in common – they are great for trekkers looking for an adventure!

The routes are mostly unmarked and you will be required to use a guide. The guides can be hired in the major trekking towns like Marrakech and Fes. They are well-versed with local history and customs and they will teach you all about the local flora and fauna as well.

Many trekking routes are not difficult to find, as they follow old paths that were used by locals in the past. There is no need to worry about getting lost either as locals will point out which route you should take very easily! Most of the paths are wide enough for all of your gear so you won’t have trouble taking it along with you!

There are plenty of villages and towns along the way that you can buy supplies from. The locals are very friendly and they will happily help you out.

What you will need for Trekking in Morocco

It is a good idea to bring a good pair of walking shoes, as well as some water and snacks. While the trekking routes are relatively easy, they can be quite tiring – especially in the summer months!

There are many trekking companies in the major cities of Morocco offering guided treks through these mountains. These companies will provide all of your equipment, food, water and guides for a reasonable price. It’s best if you book these treks in advance to ensure that you get a spot!

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